In a world where legal information seems to be everywhere and the internet is chock full of helpful suggestions to “do your own divorce” it may be tempting to go it alone.

We have had many clients take the first steps of their divorce on their own and come to regret it. It is all too easy to make significant errors early on that wind up causing more stress, costing you more money, and wasting your valuable time. It is completely understandable to us that people want to engage in the process and try and minimize the expense associated with divorce matters but the simple fact is you don’t know what you don’t know. Having access to legal information is only one piece required to minimize expense and time in resolving a legal issue effectively. It is most effective to work with a lawyer who can provide a wealth of knowledge and experience to assist in working towards resolution.

We are of the view that two minds are better than one and having a partner with the experience and knowledge to help you with your matter and move it along expeditiously ensures you will save that time, money, and stress. It is that philosophy, two minds are better than one that led to the partnership between Kelly and Christine and if you choose to work with us then you will have the benefit of doubling down on the knowledge and experience lawyers can provide.