The answer is a resounding yes! Although Family Docket Court is a scheduling court only and you are not supposed to talk about the merits of your case or the underlying argument, it is extremely important to have a lawyer represent you during this critical phase of your case.

The outcome of Family Docket Court is extremely important in establishing how your court file will play out. In Family Docket Court, the Court sets the next steps in your matter and decides what process you will have to follow. A lawyer has the knowledge and experience to identify the process that will be most beneficial to getting you the outcome that you are looking to achieve. The lawyer is also in the best position to convince the presiding Justice in Family Docket Court to schedule your matter for that most appropriate process.

We are firm believers that setting a file up in the right direction from the beginning is the best way to achieve your best outcome and also to control the length of time and expense it takes to resolve your matter. We have often observed that clients who do not start with us from the very beginning have a longer and more expensive road to get to the end results they are seeking. Set yourself up for success and bring a lawyer with you to Family Docket Court to get your matter moving in the right direction from the very start.